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In a global village

Have you realised that our enormous world is shrinking? Gradually we’re closely connected to people all over the globe. Not only do we hear stories from all parts of the world, we can see the pictures, and talk with people where it all happens – when it happens.

This is nothing less than a revolution. Not only does it give new possibilities in how to work, and make us able to act more quickly, it also change the way we’re thinking. Suddenly we understand that we not only have some few neighbors – we’re living in a global village. The mind set change and we see the beauty of the ubuntu thinking – which is held by people like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. As said by Leymah Gbowee: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

In this spirit, the initiative Avaaz is built. Through Avaaz, we can all contribute on important questions by signing petitions and spreading the words. In reality it is more than words and signatures. It is about changing the world. Changing the world into a better place. Why is it so? Why can a signature have such power?

Learning about the world, change how we think about issues, and influence how we act and what we do. Would you buy a particular brand of oranges if you knew that just that brand occupied land, or buy your clothes from the company that destroy the childhood of children? Not only you know the answer to this question. Most companies and politicians understand just as well that when such initiatives start – they have two options. Either they can change to a better policy and contributing for improvements, or they will be left out and loosing market and popularity.  Obviously most go for the first options.

This is what makes such campaigns not only good, but also effective. We’re building a better world, and we need your help to. Todays world will not be ‘saved’ by a single superman, but we can all put our collective efforts in and contribute to the better for our world. Take a look at the highlights and what Avaaz has contributed to:


Now you probably realize the meaning and importance of initiatives as Avaaz?

Current they have a campaign to stop destruction of a large area in the Amazone. Why not take a look:


Why wait to check them out, when you can click you into their web-page right now:





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