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Egypt sperrer internett – Egypt blocking internet

Som et resultat av stadig flere pinlige opplysninger som kommer fram om hvordan Egypt styres, har nå internett blitt sperret. Total nasjonal utkobling fra internett  har ikke skjedd i slik skala tidligere i historien.

Samtidig har det blitt kjent gjennom WikiLeaks at Egypt har arrestert bloggere som har spredd informasjon om hva som foregår.

Hvordan vil innbyggerne i Egypt reagere på en slik forbrytelse mot befolkningen?

As a consequence of numerous embarrassing news about how Egypt is being govern, internet has now been shut down. National shut down of internet has not been done in such a scale in the history of internet.

In addition, WikiLeaks cables have now revealed that bloggers that have spread information about the situation in Egypt have been arrested.

How will the population in Egypt react to such a crime on the right to information?







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  1. January 30, 2011 at 11:29


    From Avaaz:

    The demonstrations in Egypt could end three decades of repressive rule and bring, at long last, freedom and democracy to Egypt.

    The regime is attempting to starve the protest movement of two crucial sources of power: information and solidarity. But despite the internet blackout, Egyptian radios and satellite TVs can still receive broadcasts from across the border — so Avaaz will work with broadcasters whose signals reach inside Egypt to circulate the number signatures on this statement of solidarity, along with messages of support from around the world for Egypt’s people.

    Every hour matters. What happens next depends of all of us. Let’s stand with those on the streets and build a deafening outcry against rampant corruption and political repression, and for democratic reform.Sign the statement of solidarity–and spread the word about this campaign!


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