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Stop murdering, rape and mistreatment of homosexual people NOW!

January 30, 2011 4 comments

Wednesday, David Kato, a homosexual man and one of those brave who worked against mistreatment against homosexual people in Uganda was killed just outside the capital Kampala. The government insists that the murdering of Kato is unrelated to his sexuality, hardly having investigated the incidence, in addition to the fact that several people threatened to kill him in advance. During the burial, even the pastor had a homophobic speech.

Earlier several people have also been severely mistreated due to being homosexual.

Some time ago, Uganda even tried to implement a law to imprison homosexuals and even give death sentence against homosexual people, but but this has been put on hold after intense pressure from several countries as well as a campaign from Avaaz.

It is still crucial that we stand together against such inhuman treatment of people. Why not join the group ‘STOP homophobia in Uganda‘ now to support people being treated inhumanly?

In South Africa, so-called ‘corrective rapes’ take place against homosexual women without legal prosecution.

Sign a petition for legal prosecution of those who commit rapes in South Africa from the following link:


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