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Stop murdering, rape and mistreatment of homosexual people NOW!

Wednesday, David Kato, a homosexual man and one of those brave who worked against mistreatment against homosexual people in Uganda was killed just outside the capital Kampala. The government insists that the murdering of Kato is unrelated to his sexuality, hardly having investigated the incidence, in addition to the fact that several people threatened to kill him in advance. During the burial, even the pastor had a homophobic speech.

Earlier several people have also been severely mistreated due to being homosexual.

Some time ago, Uganda even tried to implement a law to imprison homosexuals and even give death sentence against homosexual people, but but this has been put on hold after intense pressure from several countries as well as a campaign from Avaaz.

It is still crucial that we stand together against such inhuman treatment of people. Why not join the group ‘STOP homophobia in Uganda‘ now to support people being treated inhumanly?

In South Africa, so-called ‘corrective rapes’ take place against homosexual women without legal prosecution.

Sign a petition for legal prosecution of those who commit rapes in South Africa from the following link:







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  1. May 10, 2011 at 08:36

    Important call from Avaaz to sign a petition to stop death sentence on homosexuality:

    Dear friends, 

    We have 48 hours to save thousands of gay Ugandans from possible execution. On Wednesday, Parliament could pass a law that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality. An international outcry shelved this bill last year — if we can ramp up the pressure again and keep the gay death penalty law from reaching a vote this week, it will die when Parliament closes in two days. Click below to sign the petition, then forward to everyone

    Sign the petition!

    It’s monstrous — thousands of Ugandans could face the death penalty — just for being gay. On Wednesday, Parliament may pass a law that punishes homosexuality with death –we have 48 hours to act.

    We’ve stopped this bill before, and we can do it again. Ugandan President Museveni is scared of losing valuable international aid from the West — after a massive international outcry last year, he stopped the bill from coming to a vote. But political unrest is mounting in Uganda, and religious extremists in Parliament are hoping confusion and violence in the streets will distract the international community from a second push to pass this hate-filled law. We can show them that the world is still watching. If we block the vote for two more days until Parliament closes, the bill will expire forever.

    With 48 hours to go, every moment counts. Over half a million of us have already joined the call — let’s get to one million voices against Uganda’s gay death penalty in the next 48 hours — click here to take action, then forward this email to everyone:


    For Frank and thousands of others, being gay in Uganda is already dangerous and terrifying. They are regularly harassed and beaten, and just months ago, Avaaz colleagueand gay rights activist, David Kato (pictured above), was brutally murdered in his own home. Now LGBT Ugandans are threatened by this draconian law which imposes life imprisonment for people convicted of same-sex relations and the death penalty for “serial offenders”. Even NGOs working to prevent the spread of HIV can be imprisoned for “promoting homosexuality” under this hate-filled law. 

    Right now, Uganda is in political turmoil — in the wake of the Arab spring, Ugandans across the country are taking to the streets, protesting high food and gas prices. President Museveni has responded by violently cracking down on the opposition. This upheaval has provided religious extremists in Parliament the perfect chance to slip in the shelved anti-gay bill just days before Parliament closes and all proposed laws are wiped from the books.

    Museveni backed away from this bill last year after Obama called it an ‘odious’ law and international pressure threatened Uganda’s aid and support. With violent protests sweeping the streets, Museveni is more vulnerable than ever. In the next 48 hours, let’s build a massive international outcry in support of respect for human rights, justice and tolerance and against the anti-gay death penalty law. Together we can save lives by stopping this bill — sign below, then tell friends and family:


    Earlier this year, we stood in solidarity with Uganda’s equality movement to show that every human life, no matter what creed, nationality or sexual orientation, is equally precious. Our international petition condemning the gay death penalty law was delivered to Parliament – spurring a global news story and enough pressure to block the bill for months. When a tabloid newspaper published 100 names, pictures and addresses, of suspected gays and those identified were threatened, Avaaz supported a legal case against the paper and we won! Our community has funded security for gay rights activists and operational funding for gay rights organizations. Together we have stood up, time and time again, for Uganda’s gay community — now they need us more than ever. 

    With hope and determination, 

    Emma, Iain, Alice, Morgan, Brianna and the rest of the Avaaz team 


    Ugandan lawmakers hold hearings on anti-gay bill

    Uganda gay activist Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera hailed

    Pulling Out All the Stops to Push an Antigay Bill

    Support the Avaaz community! We’re entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way — donate here

  2. May 15, 2011 at 21:54

    Good news: It works to speak out against injustice!

    Movement of oppression from Avaaz and activist groups against Ugandan anti-gay bill pushed it out of parliament

    Draft laws that would have punished homosexuality with death are wiped from the agenda as current sittings wind down

  3. May 18, 2011 at 14:38

    Here are more info about the good news:

    Dear friends,

    Frank Mugisha and other brave human rights defenders delivering our petition to the Ugandan Parliament just before leaders dropped the gay death penalty law. 

    Uganda’s anti-gay law has failed! It looked sure to pass last week, but after 1.6 million petition signatures delivered to Parliament, tens of thousands of phone calls to our own governments, hundreds of media stories about our campaign and a massive global outcry, Ugandan politicians dropped the bill!   

    It was down to the wire – religious extremists tried to push the bill through on Wednesday, and then convened an unprecedented emergency session of Parliament on Friday. But each time, within hours, we reacted. A huge congratulations to everyone who signed, called, forwarded and donated to this campaign – with our help, thousands of innocent people in Uganda’s gay community do not wake up this morning facing execution for whom they chose to love. 

    Frank Mugisha, a courageous leader of the gay community in Uganda sent us this message: 

     “Brave Ugandan LGBT activists and millions of people around the world have stood together and faced down this horrendous anti-homosexuality bill.The support from the Avaaz global community has tipped the scales to prevent this Bill going forward. Global solidarity has made a huge difference”

    The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs’ Office also wrote to Avaaz:

    “Many thanks. As you know, thanks to a very large extent to the intensive lobbying and combined effort of you, other civil society representatives, EU and other governments, plus our delegation and embassies on the ground the Bill was not presented to the Parliament this morning.”

    This fight is not over. The extremists behind this bill could try again within just 18 months. But this is the second time we’ve helped defeat this bill, and we’ll keep going until the hate-mongers give up. 

    Transforming the deeper causes of ignorance and hatred behind homophobia is an historic, long term struggle, one of the great causes of our generation. But Uganda has become a front line in that struggle, and a powerful symbol. The victory there echoes across many other places where hope is desperately needed, showing that kindness, love, tolerance and respect can defeat hatred and ignorance. Again, a huge thanks to all who made it happen.

    With enormous gratitude and admiration for this amazing community,

    Ricken, Emma, Iain, Alice, Giulia, Saloni and the whole Avaaz team.

    Media highlights: 

    Anti-gay bill shelved: 

    Avaaz’s response to the outcome in the Guardian:

    Ugandan President did not back bill because of “criticism of human rights groups”: 

    Anti-gay bill delayed amid outcry: 

    Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill defeated:

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