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Why do we need to strengthen the United Nations?

Les på norsk (read in Norwegian)

Many decisions are unfortunate for the mankind in a global perspective, but may give meaning in a perspective of a country (or self-centred perspective). I would like to present two examples:

In Norway, many now celebrate the large oil findings in North Sea. Although this might give an economic boost for Norway, the climate situation shouldn’t give many reasons to fill the glasses with champaign based on the oil findings. In fact, researchers indicate that if much of the known oil sources are pumped up, the risk of irreversible and catastrophic climate changes is large. The risk will be even larger if new oil findings will be extracted and used. Some extra years of economic growth might then be a poor trade-off deal if our future is put on the weight?

A parallel discussion is now under debate in Uganda where valuable forest and rain forest is cut down to give room for sugar plantations. This might be meaningful in a national perspective, but have very unfortunate consequences for both the climate, the biologic diversity and the environment.

National centred thinking may unfortunately in several cases have negative consequences for mankind. The question is then how we better can avoid such consequences. The climate changes is an example on how lacking collaboration can have catastrophic consequences for all of us, while collaboration, good international guidelines and regulations can give us all a better and safer future.

Collaboration isn’t done by itself. Collaboration requires efforts. Collaboration requires good leadership. And importantly, global coordination is a necessity for good collaboration. To make collaboration work, strong global institutions who can take these roles will be needed. The United Nations (UN) have this aim – and the potential to achieve this aim with the right efforts. Strengthening the UN is thus one of the key strategies to improve global collaboration and our future.

To make the UN capable to tackle such tasks will require some new thinking. One of the necessities is also that some of the nations who now possess advantages and powers that many will perceive to be unfair and unfortunate, give some of these away – for the best of the mankind. The opportunities of the UN, the background for the organisations, and the possible reforms and consequences of such reforms are presented in the book the Parliament of Man by Paul Kennedy, that can be recommended for those who would like an introduction into some of the opportunities for the organisation.

Many will say that the time is mature to strengthen the global collaboration through a reformed UN to could protect us all from unfortunate decisions in the future. The future is in our hands.

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