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Corruption: the mirror of poverty

Corruption is nourished by inequity and poverty, and nourishes even more poverty and inequity.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that can be used to fight corruption such as:

– Empowering the poorest and striving for econonomic equity
– Putting institutions in places where corruption can be reported
– Optimise transparency and accountability
– Having a legal system that punishes companies and people who are involved in corruption
– Putting the corruption on the agenda

Here you can download a brief report on corruption in different countries.

The need for transparance is also present for aid, both to make the receivers able to make good priorities and to assist in providing as much equity as possible. This can be done through institutions such as Publish What You Pay (http://www.publishwhatyoufund.org/) or the Open Knowledge Foundation.

It is now time to get free from one of the greatest obstacles to development out of poverty and dispair. Why not start to clean up among national companies with an unethical record?

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