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Climate change: Not only temperatures, but also health consequences

Climate change is definitely not only about temperatures, but also about health consequences. In fact, without a sustainable climate, we will not have sustainable health. In a review article published in the Lancet in 2009, global warming was described as the most serious threat to global health in the 21st century. Serious health consequences of climate change predicted are diseases due to lack of water, draught and falling food production, more extreme weather, heat waves, higher sea levels and mass migration.

For a short presentation to this, listen to this interview by Hugh Montgomery from the UK Health Alliance during the UN COP17 Climate Talks in Durban:

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  1. January 8, 2012 at 20:39

    Read some of the describing comments on COP17 in Durban from Professor Hugh Montgomery:

    In November, an IPCC special report confirmed that global warming would be associated with extreme weather events, heavy precipitation/ flooding, and drought. Whether the floods which covered 1/5th of Pakistan’s land area in 2010, the massive drought in Europe last year (with fires in Russia and loss of wheat crops), or the flooding this year in Thailand and Vietnam can be ascribed to global warming cannot, of course, be proved.

    But we have had less than 0.8C rise in temperature so far….

    What does that mean? That we are on track for AT LEAST a 3 degree rise in temperature this century- which the Potsdam Institute says may lead to an extinction event of <70%. The temperature rise- and impacts- will be much worse if emissions are allowed to continue to climb, of if positive feedbacks come to play.

    The response in COP17 then? Argue about historical responsibility, and the right to develop/ keep developing. Then agree to try to negotiate a plan, slow time, and not to enact one (if at all) until 2020. Agree to establish a green fund for adaptation, but not put money into it. Agree to account for deforestation- but by saying that any deforestation less than that planned is a ‘saving’ not a loss.

    The plain truth is that COP17 hasn’t prevented a single gramme of CO2 being emitted… and may never do so.

    Were the world a patient, we’d be calling the cardiac arrest team just now. As it is, a committee of the unqualified seems to be looking at the monitors, arguing whose fault it is, and establishing a committee to discuss a possible treatment plan.

    We must all now consider what emergency action to take. We have nearly run out of time.”

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