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Entering into the future: The Planetary Context

Robert Gilman completed a PhD in astrophysics at Berkeley in 1969 and gradually got more interested and involved in work on global sustainability. He has made a strong contribution in thinking on how we can enter the future as successful as possible.

In one of his recent presentations, dr. Robert Gilman shows us how we are entering into a new context. By looking back through the history, he shows us how we have moved from the tribal age and into the age of empires. We are now taking the next step into what he refer to as the planetary era. Several factors have and will contribute to these changes, including many of the global challenges we are facing. One of his key points is also the importance of working to make the transition periods as painless as possible – both in a short and in a long perspective – to avoid unfortunate consequences and burdens when we enter the new era.

The presentation is very inspiring and can be warmly recommend:

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