Other interests

In addition to my work, Lars T Fadnes also has a strong enthusiasm and commitment for several other topics. To read more about this, visit the pages ‘Commitment‘ and ‘Research‘.

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From young age, I have also had a strong interest in music of various types. This includes both listening to music, but also playing the piano. I am also fascinated by cultures and languages, and like to learn new things.

Training and social activities are also highly valued. This includes playing mountain hiking, bicycling, playing football, running and skiing – in particular when done with friends or family. Below are some photos from mountain hiking trips:

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I willingly spend time with friends and family, and hardly ever have time for watching television (which is not my inventory). The kitchen is another arena where I gladly spend some time experimenting with new food combinations. When being a vegetarian with diary product allergy, this is a nice interest to have.

Light phenomena is fascinating me, and when possible I like taking photos of these. Below are some of my nature mood favourites:

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“Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”

– George Bernard Shaw

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