Nice ideas often come at a late stage and not uncommonly when we are about to finish some work and start with something else. In addition, we sometimes have plenty of good ideas and find it difficult to put them all into practice, while in other cases we might struggle to find the ideas to work with. Many good ideas aren’t passed on at that stage, and thus do not reach those who would need them most. So why let all the bright ideas die? Why not keep them alive and available for other people?

Thinking alone without sharing ideas loses the potential for ideas to be polished and built upon, while shared ideas can get the benefit of being grounded on several perspectives. has the aim to share ideas – serving as a basket where people can post ideas as well as an basket where people can pick ideas and put them into practice. Thus, the ideabasket will be serve as a tool for a world of sharing. To read more about how this, you can visit the web pages of The ideabasket will initially focus primarily on research ideas.

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